Opening Remarks


This website is the home of the UK agents for the Hurghada-based Red Sea Explorers. Red Sea Explorers is a first rate liveaboard operator who has been operating out of Hurghada since 2005. They were originally established to provide technical diving facilities with nitrox, helium and scooters common place. Many of the liveaboards configure themselves for technical diving weeks, with the rest of the time being established for recreational diving. Red Sea Explorers can cover both recreational and technical diving on all of their itineraries, indeed they regularly mix technical and recreational diving at the same time.

They have been steadily growing and have recently purchased a second boat, MV Nouran, along with new premises including a shop just off the New Marina in Hurghada. The shop stocks all the diving equipment you may need, either to replace something you may have forgotten, or want to buy new.  Their stock includes Halcyon Dive EquipmentLiquivision Dive ComputersSuex ScootersGoPro Cameras and Scubapro Dive Equipment, along with lots of other items including wetsuits and dive gear you may need.

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