Wreck Photography Courses


Gareth is passionate about wreck photography and whilst there are many divers who provide training in fish and macro photography, there are very few focussing on wreck photography.

The Red Sea provides an excellent opportunity to photograph some beautiful wrecks, both inside and out, perfecting the skills in clear warm waters before diving in more challenging conditions in the UK.

The courses will be tailored towards the individual or group and will cover basic photography theory to ensure that you understand what the camera is trying to do in your hands, before moving to lighting techniques which involve natural and strobe lighting, balancing them to get the image that you, as the artist, are trying to create. After each dive there will be a debrief so that you can be prepared for the next dive and take those lessons learned forward.

At the end of each day, there will be an Adobe Lightroom session so that you can get the most of the images you have created. This workshop will also cover workflow, as well as image processing techniques, to ensure that you can find your images in years to come.

If you are interested in furthering your photography skills with Gareth Lock, one of the UK’s most published cold-water wreck photographers, the cost on top of the normal liveaboard fee is £250 per person for the week and the maximum number of divers on a photography workshop is four.  This will ensure that attention can be paid to each diver/photographer and the most made of the week.